Jo Coenen

Jo Coenen foto: Nout Steenkamp

Born in 1949 in Heerlen. Studied Architecture at the Technical University of Eindhoven. 1977-87 Studied with Luigi Snozzi, Locarno and James Stirling, in Düsseldorf. In 1979 worked with Aldo Van Eyck and Theo Bosch, in Amsterdam. In 1979 set up own office in Eindhoven. Since 1986 member of the editorial team at Wiederhall. Since 1987 Supervisor for Town Planning in Den Haag, Amsterdam, Maastricht, Eindhoven and Tilburg. In 1990 set up own office in Maastricht. Various architectural prizes of the BNA; honorary member of the Association of German Architects. Participation in the Triennale of Milan (1997) and Sao Paulo (1997). Various national and international professorships. 2000-2004 Rijksbouwmeester (Chief Government Architect) in Den Haag. 2002 set up own office in Amsterdam and Luxemburg. 2004 Honorary degree of doctorate.


Project range
1981 Offermans Physiotherapy, Hoensbroek Renovation of the Driessen bakery, Nuth
1983 School, Sittard
1984 Villa van Melik, Landgraaf
1986 Library and gallery, Heerlen Town administration, Delft
1987 Alteration of bank building, Venlo Health centre and chemist shop, Eindhoven
1988 Restaurant, Almere-Stad
1989 Master plans Vaillantlaan The Hague; Centrum Zuid, Tilburg; Rijswijkseplein, The Hague
1990 Villa Haans, Oisterwijk
Master plans NSM-island, Amsterdam; Smalle Haven, Eindhoven

1991 Lecture hall at the University of Limburg, Maastricht Haans Office Building, Tilburg Master plan Sphinx-Céramique, Maastricht

1993 Architectural Institute of the Netherlands, Rotterdam
1995 Villa Hawinkels, Swalmen Building of KNSM-island Amsterdam
1996 MEGA Office Building, Roermond
Kunstcluster, Tilburg Supermarket, Almere
1997 Police station, Sittard Apartments, Rijswijkseplein and KNSM Master plan Grote Markt, Groningen Planning of Noordknoop Céramique Maastricht: Library, theatre, offices, apartment building, public spaces
1998 Apartment building, Zeewolde Master plan Pieter Vreedeplein, Tilburg; Marktmaas, Maastricht
1999 Office Tower, Düsseldorf Q 30 (Gendarmenmarkt), Berlin
2000 Master plans Heerlen Station Noord; Maasboulevard Venlo Villa, Belgium
2001 Extension of Kunstcluster, Tilburg Library, Amsterdam

Selected competitions and drafts
1990 Pragsattel in Stuttgart
1992 Library of the T. U. Delft
1993 Master plan Rekem, Belgium Masterplan Venlo Waterfront
1994 Master plan Eindhoven Centre Master plan Tilburg Centre
1995 Railway station, Heerlen Pariser Platz No. 3, Berlin Dresden Palace Library, Dortmund
1996 Master plan, Linz-Donaubogen Little City, Rotterdam
1998 Refurbishing of the Ministry of the Interior and Justice, The Hague Residence of the Dutch Ambassador, Berlin (1.Prize)
1999 Concert Hall, Bruges
2001 BEIC Library, Milan Competition of town construction in Belval, Luxemburg (1. Prize)
2002 Public Library Amsterdam