Ms. Helen Kessler

AIA, LEED Accredited Professional
HJKessler Associates, Inc.

Helen J. Kessler, AIA, LEED A.P. is President of HJKessler Associates which specializes in sustainable design and energy efficiency consulting.  She has worked in various roles, such as sustainable design consultant, LEED Accredited Professional, lighting designer, energy consultant and commissioning consultant on approximately ten LEED projects in Chicago, including Chicago Public Libraries, the Cook County Domestic Violence Courthouse, the LEED Platinum Chicago Center for Green Technology, the Anixter Warehouse Distribution Center and the Museum of Broadcast Communications.

Helen chaired the Energy Code Committee, which created Chicago’s first energy code.  She currently chairs the U.S. Green Building Council Chicago Chapter’s Education and Research committee and is a past chair of the Chicago AIA Committee on the Environment.  Helen has a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Arizona and an MBA from the Wharton School.

Short description of presentation:
Is it possible for everyone on the planet, all 6.2 billion of us (and growing), to have enough food and shelter and the ability to live healthy and productive lives? What can those of us in the design professions do that will make a difference?

To begin to address this big question, Helen will discuss
– design opportunities, including how taking an integrated whole systems approach to designing and constructing buildings can reduce resource consumption, with some project examples,
– the effect that the current sustainable design trend has had on resource consumption, including whether or how LEED is or is not making an impact and
– policy opportunities, including a look at how we might start shifting the economic system such that it rewards “goods” and penalizes “bads.”